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We carry a wide range of door products, including revolving, folding, sliding, commercial, drive through, and many more.

Security Solutions


Security solutions include access control, such as card, key-fob, or keypad access…electronic locking…and emergency lockdown capability.

These are solutions much sought after by medical facilities, schools, airports, technical businesses, factories, banks, hotels / motels, and more than a few public office buildings.

Many times, with our automatic-door packages, security solutions are integrated with the door. Other times, they must be retrofitted to a non-secured automatic door, and we specialize in doing that.

We offer security solutions for standard, manual doors, too.

Contact A-1 Door, or call us, toll-free, 24/7, at 800.589.2136. And find the security solutions that work best with your facility’s automatic doors and other accessibility-related products.